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How To Get Great Lower Abs

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PostWysłany: Wto 7:37, 21 Sty 2014    Temat postu: How To Get Great Lower Abs

How To Get Great Lower Abs
A daily regimen of lower abs calisthenics can add definition to them if you wish to stabilize the lower part of your back and to achieve excellent health.
A strong stable midsection prevents strain on other muscles such as the buttocks and the hamstrings and also aids in digestion and lower back strength. The following are some very effective lower abs exercises that should become part of your workout routine,[url=]michael kors femmes[/url].
Use crunches that aims for the upper abdominals as a start. With your feet even with the ground, lie back and bend your knees. With your elbows sticking out, lay your hands at the back of your head. Breathe in first before doing the crunch, exhale gradually while you raise your whole torso from the ground. Keep the lower part of your back on the floor and be sure not to connect your chin with your chest to prevent neck strain. Tighten your abs until finish the curl, holding it for a second or two. Gradually free the grasp and breathe in as you go down to the floor.
You can do the bicycle crunches that target oblique muscle abs next. Get on your back, bend your knees with hands grasping the back of your head. Elevate the knees and breathe out as you touch opposite elbows to knees in a bicycling movement. Breathe in and bring down your legs and repeat the cycle.
Another great lower abs exercise is the face down plank that targets the lower abdominal and lower back muscles. Start this movement on your knees and hands, elbows on the mat aligned under your shoulders. Extend your legs back, keeping your toes on the floor. Raise the hips up, holding yourself in this plank pose, back flat and abdominals contracted. This exercise works not only the abs but the hips and thighs. Lower the hips slowly and try 1520 repetitions if you can, being careful not to push it as this is a difficult exercise to do properly.
There are a few guidelines that you must keep in mind when doing lower abs exercises to make this technique more effective:
1. Consult your doctor before starting any exercise regime, especially if you are over age 35, have been dormant for a while, and have any medical conditions such as high blood pressure or cholesterol and if you smoke and are prone to chest pain and shortness of breath.
3. Try to do your exercise program in the morning as this will become part of your daily routine.
4. Don't start too hard in the beginning.
5. Don't allow yourself to go beyond your body's limitations.
6. Set down an objective and aim to get it.
7. Start with small goals, making your overall health the priority.
8. Use a program that you prefer to do so that you can enjoy sticking with the training.
9. Avoid repetitive programs or you'll get tired of the routine.
10. Do new techniques to challenge yourself.
11. Its better to do this training with someone else around.
12. So find a friend willing to train with you and give each other a boost to get in the shape that you want.
13. Be sure to warm up at the start and cool down afterwards.
14. The sensation of pain or discomfort is your body telling you to stop and slow down.
15. It could be that you are pushing your body too hard or that you are doing the exercise improperly.
You might find yourself back at the beginning when you aren't doing the proper technique with abdominal exercises so be sure to learn them and have a goal in mind.

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